Behold, the Centurion is Born!

This weekend was a very productive one. The push for the FV4202 before it’s replacement arrive and the Island Assault mission (50k exp in selected USA/GBR/JPN tanks for 600k worth of consumables) meant that the Comet was going to get a work out. Despite a final push of 19 missions, mostly platooned, and a 52.63% […]

Honey Sarzan Don’t Give a Damn!

World of Tanks Back to gaming for the sheer enjoyment of it and away from dealing with racist 12 year olds!  It’s as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  In all honesty, I stayed longer than I should have which lead to me not caring as much as evidenced as showing up for […]

Wildstar: Level 30+ Impressions

Environment Wildstar has managed to continue to hold my interest so far, three weeks after the early launch.  I am enjoying both of my characters Lexiconne, a stalker, and Paragonne, a warrior.  Despite both being melee they play different enough to keep them interesting. I have to give Wildstar a 5/5 for how they crafted […]

Behold Wildstar!

Well, the drought has ended.  Finally I found something that will hold my interest for at least one month!  Well I hope for longer but as you may know by now, I suffer fully from SQUIRREL syndrome Pre Release Before we get on the whole, ‘Oh God… Fucking Fanboy’ path, I really did not think […]

The Promise of June

Where did May go?  Time has been flying by.  Well feeling like I needed to go out every night over Memorial Day weekend certainly did not help Gamewise Things have been all over the map.  I have been sporadically playing WoT, usually showing up for CWs and doing daily doubles.  Now that we are closing […]

Watch Dogs-Just Another Review

War is Hell here again.  Its been a little while since my first post. Well I’ve been busy.  Between finals, the clan wars mini event(for gold, a tank, and glory), and the grind for the T34 mission(free gold already have the tank), I have neglected to post again.  Even after the urging from Sarzan.  Now […]

Gaming Dolrums

WoT in a Lull (Originally written May 9th) Having made a big push in the first quarter of the year in WoT I am finding it a bit rough to get interested in grinding tanks.  Having completed the WT E100 line and Obj 261 lines, I have few lines left to finish up.  All that I […]

War is Hell

Hi all.  A brief introduction.  I am War is Hell a tanker from the North American World of Tanks server.  I met Sarzan while we served in Pattons Thid Army clan of WOT.  We left when others did and I joined Relic.  Sarzan went on to other things but we have always kept in touch, […]