Racism in Video Games

Until relatively recently in my long MMO/Gaming ‘career’ I have been pleased how infrequently real world racism has crept into my gaming world.  I can really only recall one occurrence until late which I think is pretty impressive considering the anonymity the internet provides.   Well that was true till the past couple of months. Apparently […]

Prepare to Die!

As if never ending grinding of tank lines in World of Tanks isn’t taking up enough time, I decided to pick up another game to mix things up a little and not get totally burnt out in WoT.  So I scanned my Steam library to see what games I had picked up on their super […]

E-25 Review

The E-25 is a German premium tank destroyer.  It is tier VII with preferred matchmaking which means it will only ever face tier VIII tanks in the field.  It is a zippy, fast firing pew pew machine that does adequately as a td or scout.  Let’s get to the different areas of its performance. GUN […]

2014 MMO Lookout

Well after my most recent MMO disappointments and rekindled fire in WoT I started to think about what MMOs I may end up playing later this year.  Here are my impressions on some of the upcoming titles this year. The Elder Scrolls Online (6/10) With a release date right around the corner, TESO/ESO has some […]

Refund Mania!

Well, I pulled the trigger.  I have refunds in progress for not only one but two major titles.  As one may guess, EQ Landmark is one of them and Elder Scrolls Online is the other. First off before I get into anything negative about the titles, I want to start of positive.  Both of these […]

March Madness!

Well let’s get into it. TANKS For the first part of February, I took a little bit of a break with the release of EQ Landmark and the slow dissolution of [FLAG].  The latter part of the month picked up a bit with new associations Roomba (VIII GER) – Completed Finished the grind on this with […]


Well there are no levels in Landmark at the moment and perhaps there never will be.  Most likely it will be gear based if anything since the whole game is based on crafting to this date.  I kind of hope that is the way it remains and that NPCs serve as a barrier to material […]

EQ Next: Landmark, First Few Days

EQ Next: Landmark Alpha released on Friday last week to the joy of EQ fans everywhere.  All day teases were given out about the game being released on the last day in January.  Lo and behold, in the wee hours before midnight PST, it launched and the hordes stormed in.  Here are my thoughts taking […]

End of January Wrap Up!

The past several days have been busy.  Lots of progress, financially and tree wise.  Stats continue to outclass the month adrift wasted, into the realm of Unicum most days with the occasional potato day into Lemon territory. TANKS Chi-Ri (VII JPN) – Completed My run with the Chi-Ri has come to an end.  I have […]