Dragon’s Prophet: First Impression

Dragon’s Prophet recently went live into open beta.  It is an active combat MMO with it’s niche being the PCs are able to tame dragons to use as combat pets and mounts.  Overall its pretty bland.  The graphics are dated, questing is the traditional MMO fare so far and other MMOs do active combat way better.  It’s rough, even some of the NPC text still has placeholder text popping up occasionally.

The hallmark of using dragons as combat pets is interesting.  You can tame them via a mini game of trying to keep a dot in the center of a circle.  Once tamed, you get to see the stats of your dragon.  Not only do they differ across the different types, they also differ within the same type.  It is kind of nice to have a pet that can tank, dps, etc.  So far, all I have been able to do is to tell him to attack targets and the rest seems like autopilot.  He also seems to be able to stay summoned for a period of time.  After a few levels, I would like to see if your options expand and become more dynamic.

The action combat is less than inspiring.  It’s worse than Neverwinter Online and far worse than Tera Online.  Hopefully it’s just that I am not used to the way they execute it but so far I am not impressed.  They have a combo system in place that works off using skills x amount of times then using another and so on.  So far it seems a bit laggy so getting the combos just right a bit touch and go.

Ill give it a few weeks of gameplay to see if it opens up, but so far, this may be a title I’ll shelve for a bit till either it gets polished or until Alysiana wants to go back to Tera or try something else out ;)

One thought on “Dragon’s Prophet: First Impression

  1. It does feel bland. I’m hoping that is gets better as Tera did after you leave the starter zones. I like the fluid movement which is way better than Tera, a continued iritation for me when playing my Priest.

    I wanted to be on board for player housing and the carpenter profession something I miss from EQ2. However, I learned last night that housing isn’t accessible until late 30s at the earliest and the plots are in the millions of game currency. That’s a HUGE disappointment in a game from RuneWalker, developer’s of Runes of Magic that has low level housing instantly available. :-(

    I may stick it out until I get to the housing and see what it’s about. I got the 30 in Tera relatively quickly given that I changed classes 3 times before settling on the Priest. :-)

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